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Produced Films

"Walk. Ride. Rodeo." was a previous assignment. The script went into turnaround and was subsequently purchased by Pokeprod Productions in early 2018. Then the project was picked up by Netflix. Filming has completed, and the movie was set for release in March of 2019. 


List of Assignments & Spec Scripts

Assignment: Riding on Faith

After being paralyzed in a car accident, rodeo rider Amberley Snyder is told she will never walk again, much less ride. Without the use of her legs and confined to a wheelchair, the daughter of former Los Angeles Dodger Cory Snyder fights to regain her dream of being a pro rodeo champion. Desert Wind Films

Feature Length Spec Script A “retired from show business FOREVER” ex-musician must get his old 1960's British rock band back together for one last gig. Problem is, most of them still hate his guts… 

Спасибо за посещение

Спасибо за посещение ! я живу в Америке.  Я никогда не был в России. 

Okay, for those of you wondering what the heck is going on...

Recently, I've been seeing a spate of traffic to this site from Russia. Twice the U.S. traffic. That got me to wondering why this odd occurrence.
A few possible reasons exist. 
The first is that there's a film that has been shooting recently in Russia. A couple of the cast and crew are a couple of degrees of separation from  producers who recently acquired a project of mine. Perhaps they just decided to check me out. 
Or, perhaps my column in SCRIPT magazine is quite popular over in На Руси.
Those two are my preferred theories. However...
I have a security clearance due to the work I used to do for the government. Recently, all of my personal information (including fingerprints) were hacked by foreign agents (Google "OPM hack" if you want to know more). It's been suggested that data was later bought and sold around the world. 

Working the International Circuit!


Stone Mountain

Stone Mountain

Two sisters (who've refused to speak to each other for the last twenty years) are conned by their aging mother into taking "one last family camping trip" to Georgia's historic Stone Mountain.

Long ago, I spent a couple of years in Atlanta, Georgia. One of the main attractions is camping and hiking at Stone Mountain Park. We always enjoyed going there. Both the town and the park have a Southern Identity all their own.

So, of course, I had to write about it...

A half-sunken camper, a "seriously ill" mother who is anything but, a novelty shop suitor, and the emotional ghost of a long-gone father are only a few of the conflicts that two 40-something year old sisters will have to face. A Southern dramedy in the vein of Steel Magnolias

I haven't really shopped it around yet, but someday soon...

Where it began

I got one of those "Remember When" popups today from Facebook. It was four years ago that I started my "blitzkrieg" run on the short screenplay competition circuit, winning or placing as finalist in practically everything I could download an entry form for.
  That led to ghostwriting work in short films for directors in the US and overseas. Which led to features, where I landed work for three awesome assignments: two adaptations and one true-life biopic.
  But I still haven't totally abandoned the short film world  I just finished up a project with Lily Niu,whose previous short film, Above The Sea, was one of the 2014 Student Academy Award gold medal winners. Lily's an alumna of the Graduate Film Program at Columbia University with an MFA in Creative Producing, and she brought me aboard as a script editor (although I ended up doing a rewrite, as well). I am also gearing up to direct two short films at the end of this year, both of them my own work.

The nicest person in Hollywood

Today, I wanted to send birthday greetings to the amazing Carol Burnett.
  Several years back, I was in L.A. and had the opportunity to meet her when she was doing a television piece for a friend. During a break, instead of staying with the cast members and people she knew, Carol got up and moved to "mingle" with the folks off the set. I figured she'd just make a quick round and head straight back. I was wrong.   She stopped and chatted, spending time with each person she met. I mentioned to her that my wife was a huge fan (which I'm sure she hears all the time). She asked for her name and asked if I wouldn't mind giving her our address. I scrounged a business card, wrote it down and handed it to her. She went off and, honestly, I didn't think any more about it. There were a ton of people there and I was sure she was just being polite.   So, I went home and got busy with life. A week or so went by. Then a package arrived, addressed to Becky (my wife).   Insi…

Why winning screenplays win

Recently, Max Adams posted an item on her timeline. (For those of you who may not know who Max is, she runs The Academy of Film Writing and has several produced studio films to her credit.) Anyway, Max shared a letter home from a Marine boot. We had a bit of discussion over it that I wanted to share. But it's important that you read it here here first.
  Have you read it yet?... I'll wait...
  Okay... What I loved about the this was how great it is when you totally don't see the twist coming, but it is totally organic to the story! In this case, you're thinking you're seeing the twist, because the humor is in how easy the basic training is for someone from the country. And it's truly funny. But then, you get hit with it at the end, signed "Your loving daughter, Alice". And that just rachets it up a whole two levels!
  I have read for a number of competitions and generally keep track of how scripts I liked progressed. And I've noticed how this typ…