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A priest, an atheist and a mad scientist walk into a time machine...

The Chronic Argonauts
After a time travelling scientist accidentally kidnaps a 19-century church minister, they both land in the future - where they must salvage the humanity of cloned mankind... and then lead them in a last-ditch effort to stop an alien invasion.

““The Chronic Argonauts” is excellent science-fiction, and very faithful to the spirit of the author who inspired it. H.G. Wells’s fantastic concepts, his interesting and thoroughly human characters, and his philosophies are all satisfyingly adapted here. Cook is a wonderful protagonist, our intrepid everyman, observing the journey with the wonder of the audience. It is refreshing and interesting that Cook, the clergyman, is the voice of reason in the superstitious village, but holds onto his faith even into the secular future. Cook has a brilliant and though-provoking discussion with Medea about how he can still believe in God even while surrounded by extraterrestrials and clones. It’s one of many such monologues and dialog…