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After being paralyzed in a car accident, rodeo rider Amberley Snyder is told she will never walk again, much less ride. Without the use of her legs and confined to a wheelchair, the daughter of former Los Angeles Dodger Cory Snyder fights to regain her dream of being a pro rodeo champion.

Soon to be a major motion picture.
Produced by Elizabeth Cullen and Sean Dwyer 
(PokeProd Productions)

Spec Script
A “retired from show business FOREVER” ex-musician must get his old 1960's British rock band back together for one last gig. Problem is, most of them still hate his guts… 
Especially the girl he left behind.

Graphic Novel Screenplay Adaptation 
““The Chronic Argonauts” is excellent science-fiction. The script clearly has a mind to it, articulating its themes, but it does not get overly wordy and the discussions do not detract from the spectacle or the action. ​​In fact, the script has the potential to be a great display of special effects and thrilling action. It can sometimes be a challenge for a movie to be both cerebral and visceral, intellectually stimulating and simply entertaining, but the script pulls it off.”

Spec Script
"RIDE OF THE VALKYRIES is a rollicking space adventure
that gives us the coolest crew since the original Enterprise."
 - Oaxaca Film Festival

Novel Screenplay Adaptation
Wilbur and Orville Wright were poor, estranged from each other, had no college education, no aviation experience... and were facing the most brilliant scientific minds of the time who were backed extensively by their own or government funding...

And everybody else had a head start...

Based on the acclaimed novel by New York Times Best Selling Author Col. Walter J. Boyne

Mean Creek               Short Screenplay Spec
"I thoroughly enjoyed your clash of cultures, especially the characterizations; these characters are real people."
- Dave Trottier 
(The Screenwriter's Bible)

Runner-up Best Short Screenplay

             Best Screenplay - Short

Finalist - TRMS Sundance

etc., etc., etc.


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