Спасибо за посещение

Спасибо за посещение !

я живу в Америке. 
Я никогда не был в России. 

Okay, for those of you wondering what the heck is going on...

Recently, I've been seeing a spate of traffic to this site from Russia. Twice the U.S. traffic. That got me to wondering why this odd occurrence.

A few possible reasons exist. 

The first is that there's a film that has been shooting recently in Russia. A couple of the cast and crew are a couple of degrees of separation from  producers who recently acquired a project of mine. Perhaps they just decided to check me out. 

Or, perhaps my column in SCRIPT magazine is quite popular over in На Руси.

Those two are my preferred theories. However...

I have a security clearance due to the work I used to do for the government. Recently, all of my personal information (including fingerprints) were hacked by foreign agents (Google "OPM hack" if you want to know more). It's been suggested that data was later bought and sold around the world. 


It's possible my personal data has been used to build an identity for someone in Moscow. Even as you read this, "Dan Goforth" may  be running up a load of credit with the local vendors and real estate agents. 

I sure hope "my" view of the lake is nice from my new personal vacation dacha outside of Moscow...

(The Russian at the top of this post reads: "Thank you for visiting! I live in America. I have never been to Russia.")


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