Where it began

I got one of those "Remember When" popups today from Facebook. It was four years ago that I started my "blitzkrieg" run on the short screenplay competition circuit, winning or placing as finalist in practically everything I could download an entry form for.
  That led to ghostwriting work in short films for directors in the US and overseas. Which led to features, where I landed work for three awesome assignments: two adaptations and one true-life biopic.
  But I still haven't totally abandoned the short film world  I just finished up a project with Lily Niu,whose previous short film, Above The Sea, was one of the 2014 Student Academy Award gold medal winners. Lily's an alumna of the Graduate Film Program at Columbia University with an MFA in Creative Producing, and she brought me aboard as a script editor (although I ended up doing a rewrite, as well). I am also gearing up to direct two short films at the end of this year, both of them my own work.


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