The nicest person in Hollywood

Today, I wanted to send birthday greetings to the amazing Carol Burnett.
  Several years back, I was in L.A. and had the opportunity to meet her when she was doing a television piece for a friend. During a break, instead of staying with the cast members and people she knew, Carol got up and moved to "mingle" with the folks off the set. I figured she'd just make a quick round and head straight back. I was wrong.
  She stopped and chatted, spending time with each person she met. I mentioned to her that my wife was a huge fan (which I'm sure she hears all the time). She asked for her name and asked if I wouldn't mind giving her our address. I scrounged a business card, wrote it down and handed it to her. She went off and, honestly, I didn't think any more about it. There were a ton of people there and I was sure she was just being polite.
  So, I went home and got busy with life. A week or so went by. Then a package arrived, addressed to Becky (my wife).
  Inside was an autographed photo of Carol Burnett, personally made out to my wife. 
  Nice? Indeed. Above and beyond.


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