Happy Birthday, Wilbur!

  On April 16, 1867, Wilbur Wright was born. His younger brother, Orville, would arrive four years later. Sister Katherine would arrive three years after that (she would also play a major role in bringing about the airplane era). 
  My dad was in the Air Force. He was a navigator in a B-29 bomber. Later, he owned his own airplane and flew everywhere. Aviation has been a major part of his life. So I was thrilled when I got the assignment to work on the feature screenplay adaption of Col. Walter J. Boynes' acclaimed book about the Wrights: DAWN OVER KITTY HAWK 
  Many people know who the Wright Brothers are, but very few know their actual story... 

Wilbur Wright
  Wilbur and Orville Wright were poor, estranged from each other after grade school, had no college education, no aviation experience... and were facing the most brilliant scientific minds of the time who were backed extensively by their own or government funding...
  And everybody else had a head start...

DAWN OVER KITTY HAWK is the unknown, real-life account about the race to develop the first powered flying machine, pitting the Government War Machine against two bicycle builders. 

Col WalterJ.Boyne
  Adapted from the critically acclaimed book by New York Times bestselling author Col. Walter J. Boyne, the former director of the National Air & Space Museum of the Smithsonian Institution, it delves behind the scenes into the egos, deceit and attempted betrayals surrounding the race to be "The first to fly".

There has never been a feature film made that captures the actual thrilling race that went on to build the first sustained-flight airplane. Utilizing Col. Boyne's unprecedented access and research into the machinations of former Smithsonian Director (1887-1906) Samuel Pierpont Langley, DAWN OVER KITTY HAWK creates a compelling "race for the gold" inspirational story along the lines of MIRACLE and SECRETARIAT.
  Col. Boyne has written over fifty books, and his works have made both the fiction and the nonfiction bestseller lists of The New York Times. He is the founder of Air & Space Magazine. Boyne directed production of the highly successful series of Discovery Channel's “Wings” television program. In film, Boyne negotiated an agreement with NASA to fly an IMAX camera on the Space Shuttle, and directly supervised the production of two of the most successful IMAX films, “The Dream is Alive” and “On the Wing”. 
  Of all his books, Col. Boyne has said that DAWN OVER KITTY HAWK is his favorite.
  I think Wilbur would have agreed. 


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